Tony G
(Aka @BeyondSanity19)

Growing up in central Indiana, Tony became a childhood fan of Wrestling during the very start of the Attitude Era. Although originally a WcW fan Tony went on to become a fan of just about all wrestling. Even forming and wrestling in the backyard promotion XWA.

Today, Tony G watches a very large quantity of wrestling from any promotion he can get his hands on.

(Aka @Deadpool1205 Aka Brandyn)

Brandyn has lived half of his life in Northern Ohio and half of his life in Southern Ohio. During Freshman year of high school he was introduced to wrestling through the PS2 Game WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth! Soon after he was traveling to bars for PPVs, and road tripping to live shows. 

Today DP continues his love of wrestling recently discovering NJPWworld and still watching WWE and other american wrestling shows.

Links to Musical Sources in Show

Show Intro Music

       The Intro song used in episodes of the Golden Age of Grappling Podcast is "Don't Let Me Down" By the Pornostuntman. This song is used with            permission of the original composer of the recording. Although the Pornostuntman project is "no mas" they still create music under a new                title, now called "The Shit". 
                   Find out more at their facebook page

The "4 Things" Sounder

Features Audio Clips From Many Youtube Sources of People Saying 4
          With Music By: Ben Sound
           To Listen and Support this fantastic artist visit his website:

"The Sid Vicious Dishes" Sounder

Features Audio Clips from many sources of Psycho Sid Vicious/Justice
             With Music By:  Project Mayhem ft Virtual Riot
             - Their Facebook: www.facebook.com/animalmusicuk
             - Their Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/virtual-riot/a...
             - Their Twitter: www.twitter.com/animalmusicuk
             - Their Official site: www.animalmusicuk.com