The Golden Age of Grappling Podcast Episode 153 (AWA Team Challenge Series 1989)

Ladies and Gentlemen… I invite you, to what we here at The Golden Age of Grappling consider a truly special occasion. Many in today’s popular culture have come to enjoy consuming and laughing at pieces of media that are NOT good. Examples include Bad Movies like Miami Connection or Gooby. In this same mind of viewing. I would like to frame tonight’s discussion by stating. The Good, Good People at WWE Network, Have discovered “The Room” of Professional Wrestling. And it. is. glorious! in its attempts at relevance! Please, Join us this week for an extra special episode of the GrappleCast.

As we Review the AWA’s Team Challenge Series Pilot from October of 1989!

Also read the shownotes on the website, we have lots of things to show you!

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